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I am engaged in this job for about 44 years. About 12000 marriage successfully done by me. My interview was circuled many times in many TV channels like BTV also different kinds of newspaper.

My organization ghotok pakhi vai pvt. ltd. is government approved and licensed. reg. no: - C-38541(499)/99

Providing marriage service for all kind of people. Doctor, Engineer, BCS officer, Army officer, Navy and Air Force officer, Pharmacist , Chartered Accounted, Banker, Police Officer,Top ranked officer in different mobile companies.

Highly educated NRB person from America, Canada, London, Australia and different European countries citizen and divorcee Man & Women also.

Welcome to us, Groom: Age: 27-57, Hight: 5'4" - 6' and Bride: Age: 19-47, Hight: 5' - 5'6"

Bangladeshi Love Guru Reveals Secrets: - Al Jazeera

This Valentine's Day, one of Bangladesh's leading matchmakers shares his secret to long-lasting love. Ghotok Paki Bhai, a 60-year-old spiritual guru, has been happily married with two wives for the past 40 years. Having arranged more than 12,000 marriages across the globe, he says friendship is the key to a long-lasting marriage.

All applicants should pay primary membership fee and submit application form. Until completed marriage, we will show bride/groom details for best choice.We can provide bio-data with picture anytime when you need. Fill-up Application Form (Free)